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How do I run a report or process for two or more students when the student ID's are not within a range of student numbers or student names?

Many AS3 programs allow you to use a Selection File as the source of input. This will be indicated by the help prompt which will state the following: I=Input Selection File. This choice is typically made at the prompt that states: PROCESS BY.

A Selection File is a group of two or more students. You can create a selection file by pressing your hotkey and follow by choosing Create Selection File. You can also let the computer make a selection file for you based on selected criteria (see Student Records/Data Entry).

When running the program and you choose ':I': for Input Selection File, you will be presented with a list of existing Selection Files. Choose the appropriate one and the report will run for those students.

How do I change the student number?

The Student Records Utility Menu includes a program that will accomplish this for you. All files throughout the AS3 System will be checked for the presence of the student number you are changing. Some files will take longer than others. The entire process might take as long as three or four minutes.

What is the easiest method of printing a single copy of the student transcript, schedule, and/or the student ledger card?

From the INQUIRIES Menu, select the inquiry desired, then ask for a hard copy at the point where the hard copy option is available.

How can I get a count of a group of students who have a given data element in their record, for example, a major code of ABC?

Go to the Student Database record in Student Records. With the cursor in the first field (Student ID) of the Demographics Screen, press F9 to open a view. Once in the view, press F8 to enter Command Language Mode; a window will open for you; choose COUNT.

The following will count the number of students in the ABC major (since the length of the major code has a maximum of five characters, the search must include two spaces after ABC:
After typing your command, press the enter key to make the command execute. Note: if you don':t know the data name for a field you are counting (in this case #AIFSRSM1.MAJOR-CODE), press the F2 key when you are at the point of typing it; a window will open for you to search for the data name--you can press <ENTER> while positioned on the data name and it will be placed in the command window for you.