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From the Options menu of the System Administrator under Support Files, the system administrator can force a user to change his or her password every 90 days. Ten days prior to the deadline, a warning will be issued. Simply set the Force Change Password field to 'Y' and this will activate the requirement. Initially, each user will have to change the password immediately, then every 90 days thereafter.


Attendance Transcript - If you ask for 'present' and the student wasn't present for a given course, the course will not print; likewise, with 'absent'. This reduces the length of the report for a single student by several pages.

Set-Up Options - This screen has been split into two screens: one for the options and a second for the report names you use such as the schedule, account card, transcript, etc. The names of the two functions on the menu are Set-Up Options and Set-Up Reports. Your current setups will not be altered or require adjustments. There is a new slot for the Degree Audit in the event you create or order a custom Degree Audit report program.

Handicap Code File - Handicap codes used must now be valid entries as defined in the new Handicap Code File. You will have to make entries in this file for any Handicap Codes you might have used in the past. The setup file can be found in Student Records / Support Files / Setup Support Files.

Externship/Internship Report - A new report has been added to the Reports Scheduling Menu to list students who have been scheduled into an Externship or Internship class during a selected Term Code. The student's course code and program code are included in the output.

Course Catalog - A new field has been added for a course outline.

Course Sections - A new field has been added for a syllabus.

Major File - A new field has been added for a program descriptive outline.

Student Entry Personal Records - Two new record types have been added: S for social networks and W for websites. You can now track this information for students.

Student Entry / Demographics - When changes are made, the old data is saved and can be printed from the Student Records / Support Files / Listings menu. Fields included in the tracking are name and address, phone numbers, maiden name, marital status, and email addresses. The date of the change is also retained.

Student Entry / Academics - A new field has been added to describe a student's current Academic Standing. There is a lookup file to define codes that can be used here: Academic Standing File on the Setup menu in Student Records. The process of the update will populate this file with six records. When adding a new student, this field will default to GS for 'Good Standing'.

Student Entry / Admissions - A new field will be seen on this screen: AGENCY. This field has its origin in Prospect Tracking and can contain a code of a third-party Placement Agency...this would be a firm who gets paid for finding a lead for the school.

Student Entry / Admissions - You can set the system to give you a warning message if all enrollment forms have not been submitted. The warning will appear when you input an enrollment date. The warning will be generated if one or more of the required enrollment forms have not been flagged as submitted (forms are marked as submitted from the Enrollment Forms screen within Prospect Entry).


Telemarketing Entry - A new data entry screen has been added for entering new leads during an initial inquiry. Just like Prospect Entry, Telemarketing Entry adds the record to the Prospect Database and the Interview File (if an interview is included). The advantage of the new screen is that it does not include many data fields which are not necessary during an initial contact.

Rep Change - You cannot change a rep code unless you use the utility on the Prospect Tracking / Utilities menu.

Change Admin Rep - This utility has a new feature to allow the change to only happen to interviews with a selected interview number.

Prospect Entry - The following fields have been added to the Prospect Entry Screen: Handicap, Veteran, Race, and Visa. These fields will carry over to Student Entry if the prospect enrolls. There is a code file for Handicapped that you must populate to use the new 'HANDICAP' field; this code file is set up in Student Records.

Status Code - You cannot change the status code of a lead on the Prospect Database screen. You now have to use Status Entry/Edit on the Data Entry menu of Prospect Tracking. Using this entry program will add a status record for the prospect and can be viewed on the Inquiry Menu: Prospect Status Records.

Aptitude Test File - A code has been added to track if the test was passed or not. Also, Version on the screen has been changed to Test ID.

Database List - You can not print this listing in Prospect Code order instead of only Name order.

Weekly Interviews Report - This new report will print interviews for any date range entered by the operator. It is on the Reports menu of Prospect Tracking.

Prospect Entry - Adding a prospect record can optionally add the student record (Student Entry). This feature enables the Financial Aid department to enter a financial aid package and produce a projected award letter during the admissions process. Go to Prospect Tracking / Support Files / Setup Options to enable this feature. Note that without an Enrollment Date, the individual will not be considered a student by the system, only an applicant. (Note that this applicant can easily be removed from the Student Records module when desired).

Placement Agency - This new file is on the Support Files menu of Prospect Tracking. Here you can define a third-party agency which gets paid for generating a lead for your school. The AGENCY code field is found on the Prospect Entry and Telemarketing screens where it can be populated. The code carries over to Student Records where it can be seen in Student Entry/Admissions.

Inquiry Log - This is a listing of all new leads who arrived in the system via the school's website. Each day you can run the log and then assign the new leads to rep's.


Job Bank - Major has been added to the job record so you can associate a job with a major code.


Book Rentals - In Book Sales Entry, you can now specify 'Rental' in addition to Purchase and Return. The printed invoice will say RENTAL or RETURN if either of those two types is input.


Transaction Type File - A new field has been added to flag some transaction types as being used to reverse a transaction that occurred previously that was related to the 1098 calculation: 1098 Refund Y/N.

Aged Trial Balance - A setup option has been added in AR to prevent negative transactions from "floating" to the oldest aging column with a debit balance when you choose to include details. Change your setup option to 'Y' if you want negative transactions to age by their date and to ignore columns with debit totals. You set this flag to 'N' when you want a negative transaction (payment) to age in the oldest column with a debit balance...that is, you post the payment with the most outstanding charge.

Support Files / Listings - A listing choice has been added to the support files menu of AR. When you go to this menu, there is an opportunity to print a listing of the AR Transaction Type File.

Chart of Accounts Support File - This new file has been added to validate chart of account numbers that you might enter in the A/R Transaction Type File. It is also used to print descriptions when you run the GL Transactions Report.

Move Student Transaction - On the Utilities menu of this module, there is a utility with which you can move an A/R transaction from one student to another.

Tuition Adjustments Entry - This entry program will look at your tuition adjustment policy, and based on the studentís termination, it will calculate the amount of the adjustment.


Fund Code File - A new field has been added (FIRST TIME ONLY?) which is related to the number of days to add to the period start date of a disbursement to determine the expected disbursement date. You can now specify whether or not only the first disbursement of an award will have the days added to determine the expected disbursement date.


Security for note-taking has been added to notes in Prospect Tracking, Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid, and Career Services. Security to see notes is now related to the security level assigned by the system administrator to the operator. This security implantation is the same as is present within Student Records.