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Counselor File - Three fields have been added: MAJOR, GROUP, and STUDENTS. Major and Group are used to automatically assign a counselor to a student during Schedule Entry; Students is the total number of students that have been assigned to that counselor.

Build Selection File - An option to build by a range of start dates has been added.

Data Letters - You can now produce letters with data elements built into the body of the letter. Each letter can have up to five data elements included in the letter such as EXPECTED GRAD DATE, CURRENT BALANCE, etc. The ’Enter Letters’ program now has five new fields which permit you to define what data elements you might wish to insert into your letter. The following modules now have this new feature: Student Records, Prospect Tracking, Accounts Receivable, Career Services, Alumni, Default Management, and Housing.

Schedule Entry, Assigning Counselors/Advisors - The setup options of Student Records will allow you to turn on a new option to have an academic counselor, or advisor, be assigned to a student who doesn't yet have one assigned. The counselor can be selected by a course and section for which the student has enrolled, a course for which the student has enrolled, or the student’s major. The two new fields in the Counselor File are used to make the link: Major and Group (course and/or section).

Schedule Printing - When printing books on schedules, you now have an option to not print the prices of the books, only the titles. This option can be found in the Setup Options of the Book Sales module.

History by Student Report - This report on the Attendance Reports menu has been upgraded to include columns for present and make-up. When you run the report, you can ask for Absent, Present, Both, or No Details. Also, you can select to run it for a single student or all students.

Faculty Menu - Class Rosters has been added to this menu.

Rebuild Counselors - Under Student Records / Utilities / Rebuild Records, a utility has been added to eable you to rebuild the student totals for each counselor and to clear the counselor field in the student records.

Student Counselor List - A new listing has been added on the Student Records / Support Files / Listings menu. This listing will show which students are linked to which counselors.


Data Letters - See Student Records.

Interview Type File - This is a new setup file found in the Support Files section of Prospect Tracking. Before you can associate a rep with an interview type or schedule a prospect for a type of interview, you must define the types of interviews in this file.

Interview Type - On the Prospect Entry screen, LOC (interview location) has been changed to Interview Type. Interview Type has been added to the Admin Rep file and the Interview Entry file.

Prospect Entry - When you change an interview from one date to another, the new interview you enter will be created in the Interview File. In the past, only the first entry would post an entry to the Interview File. If you change the interview type or the interview time of an existing interview date, those changes will also be made in the existing interview file record.

The last four interviews a prospect had scheduled will appear at the foot of the screen. The information for each interview is the DATE, INTERVIEW NUMBER, INTERVIEW TYPE, REP CODE, and DISPOSITON, e.g.,: 06/13/11 03 EA ABC E (prospect's third interview, was for enrollment agreement [EA], with rep ABC, and he enrolled [E]).


Data Letters - See Student Records.

Payment Plans - You can now specify the number of months between payments of a payment plan. Instead of a plan having a payment every month, you can specify every two (or more) months. This value is set in the AR Setup Options file.


Data Letters - See Student Records.


Data Letters - See Student Records.

Book File - Author data field has been added to this file.


Data Letters - See Student Records.


Data Letters - See Student Records.


Instructor Tests Report - An option has been added to print this report for a single course rather than all of the instructor’s courses.

Grade Search Report - A report has been added to allow the user to search tests for a grade that has been given to students. You can request a specific grade or a range of grades