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Birthday Report - You can choose a month and run the new Birthday Report. With the option to create a selection file, you will be able to send a letter, email or print labels for post cards. This new report can be found on the REPORTS-POPULATION menu.

Population Tracking Report - A column has been added for education code (EC) if you print details. When the Race Report follows, there have been two columns added for males and females.

Expected Grad Date - The name of this data element in Student Entry is now Original Exp Grad Date. A new field has been added: Current Exp Grad Date. When there is a major change, the new expected grad date will be calculated and placed in the new field; the Original Exp Grad Date will not change. Both dates can be seen in Student Entry / Admissions and on the Status Entry screen.

IPEDS - The Population Tracking Report on the Reports-Population menu has been renamed IPEDs-Population Reports. Three reports have been added to the four that previously printed in the prior version.

Schedule - A new schedule for clock hour schools is available; it does not have any credit hours on it, only clock hours. The name of this report for your setup file is AIRSRSSF.

Satisfactory Attendance Report - The Standards of Progress File has been upgraded to include a field for Hours Attended. A new report on the Attendance/Reports menu will look at this setup file to determine if a student should be placed on attendance probation. The report will print students who will be placed on probation and can create a selection file simultaneously so you could then send letters or emails.

Tardy and Absent Report - This new report on the Attendance Reports menu will tell you how many times a student was absent during a term and how many times tardy (partial presence) during the term.


Student Grade Report - The setup file enables each campus to have its own version of this report.

Grade averaging - If none of the grades for an instructor have any weights assigned to them, the grades will be averaged (this will only work if numeric grades are used).


Revenue Transactions Report - This new report looks at a new field in the Transaction Type File (REVENUE Y/N). All transaction types that have this flag set to ’Y’ will be reported in the output. You can enter a Term and/or a date range. The report can be found under Transaction Reports which is a selection on the A/R Reports Menu.

A/R Aged Trial Balance - Can now be run for more than one term.


Class Code - A one-character class code on the Prospect Entry screen can now be posted to the Student Entry / Admissions screen as the class code in that module. You must set this option in the Set-Up Options of the Prospect Tracking module for it to work in this manner.

Prospect Enrollment Forms - All forms on this screen will start with a default entry of ’N’ for ’Not Submitted.’

Source Code Report - Cost-Per-Grad has been added to this report.


Batch Numbers - When funds are disbursed, a batch number will be attached to the transactions. This number will print on the disbursement report and will be part of the Financial Aid Payment Transactions stored in the historical records.


Posting Room Charges - You can now enter a date when running this job. The date will become the transaction date rather than the process using your system's date as the date of the transaction.


Birthday Report - This new report will print for those with a birthday in the month you select. Using the Selection File ’create’ option, you can then send letters, emails and/or print mailing labels for birthday post cards. First import your graduates to this module and then run this process every month.