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Operator-Instructor Code File - This new file is used to tell the system that a given operator is also an instructor. When this instructor runs Attendance or Grade Entry, only rosters belonging to that instructor will be available (unless you give that instructor 'super user roster' rights. You can also specify that this instructor can print a transcript that is marked as being 'on hold.'

Student Logon Setup File - There is a new setup screen for the feature added in Student Records to allow students to log in to print selected documents. This setup screen controls what documents the students can choose to print.


A new software module has been added, which will benefit schools who utilize the general public as part of the education process, for example, non-students who receive hair cuts, massages, purchase supplies, etc. This module will allow you to enter these customers into a database and receive payments, print receipts, and track the sale of goods. Inventory is maintained on the sale of these goods as well. If you have a general ledger on line, the billing and cash will be funneled to the correct chart of accounts. You do not have to enter each customer into the system if this would not be practical; you can simply use the default record.


Attendance Grid by Course - This grid is similar to the standard Attendance Grid except that is breaks out each course a student is taking separately. Thus, you will see a grid line for each course for each student. You will find this new report on the Attendance/Reports menu.

Student Entry - The Major Code field is now required. If the student does not yet know the major, define a major as 'Unknown' in the major file and use that code until the student declares his or her major.

Student Entry - PIN Number has been added as a new field on the Demographics Screen of Student Entry. For this current release of AS3, the pin number is only necessary if you plan to use the new Student Login feature (see below). In the future, the pin number will be used by the financial aid software module.

Academic Progress - When you run this report, you now have an option to also print students who are making progress rather than only students who are not making progress.

Archived Students Inquiry - You can now do an inquiry (from the Inquiry Menu) for a student that has been archived.

Attendance Entry & Grade Entry - For instructors who do the data entry for grades and/or attendance, you can now restrict the rosters they can process to their own. Refer to the new Operator-Instructor Code File under System Administrator.

Schedule Entry - If a student's transcript is flagged as 'on hold,' you will not be able to add a schedule for this student.

Schedule Entry - There is a new setup option in Student Records / Support Files / Setup Support Files that will allow you to put student schedules on hold; if a schedule is on hold, it cannot be printed nor will the students be listed on class rosters (however, their seats are still counted as 'in use'). On the Student Records / Utilities menu, a new Hold/Release program is used to release schedules from hold or put them back on hold once released. This feature permits the institution to control, which students are not 'cleared' to begin attending classes.

Student Logon - You can place an icon on the desktop of a workstation attached to AS3 and have the execution of that icon bring the user to a screen which will ask for the Student ID and the Student's Pin Number. If the entries match what is on file, that student can choose to print any of the following: schedule, transcript, degree audit, and/or the account card (statement). There is a setup file under System Administrator which controls which of the four printouts will be available for the student to print. The student's ID nor his pin number will show on the screen, as they are input. Call customer support for instructions on setting up the desktop icon.

Expected Grads Report - A prompt has been added to include only students with a matching status code you select.

Reports Menus - The addition of reports in this module has made it necessary to split the reports into three groups: Academic, Population, and Scheduling.

Days Active by Student Report - This new report has been added to the Reports/Population Menu in Student Records. The report will count the number of days a student was active during his enrollment, subtracting out any days in which the student was on a leave of absence.

Schedule Entry - On screen two where the courses are input, the student ID and student name have been added to this display.

Student Status History Listing - On the Listings menu under Student Records/Support Files, there is a new report that will print all the statuses a student ever had in date order. You can enter a range of student start dates to help choose what students to select for the report.

Student Address Listing - On the Listings menu under Student Records/Support Files, there is a listing option for Student Addresses. Each student will print in name order and his or her street address, city, state, and zip will be included.

Standards of Progress - A new check-point has been added: Percent of Program Completed. Now you can specify that a student should be evaluated for making progress in a program based upon his completion of a selected percentage of days in the program. LOA time as well as maximum allowable time in the program are both taken into account.

Course Completion Rates Report - This report will print students' academic records, term-by-term, giving a term GPA, a cum GPA, and a completion rate for each term.

Attendance Grid - The LDA has been added to this report.

Report Cards - Report cards has been added to the Academic Reports menu. Although similar to the transcript, the Report Card can be printed for one, some, or all terms. To print for SOME terms (more than one, but not all), you must enter a record in the Term File with one asterisk (*) as the term code (no dates or description necessary in the record). When you run the Report Cards and enter an asterisk as the term, you will be permitted to select up to four term codes for which to print.

Attendance Rate Report - The rate you specified when running the report will print on the header of the report.

Attendance Entry - This screen will be populated with default options based on your Set-Up options in Student Records/Support Files. For example, if your students are considered present, unless you mark them absent, the default 'P' codes will be on the screen before you begin entering your attendance.

Class Rosters - A setup option is now available to include or exclude rosters that are in the future of the current date at the time they are printed. This option can be found in Setup Options of your Student Records Support Files.

Expected Grad Date - A setup option is now available to allow the system to calculate the Expected Grad Date when you enter a new student. It will look at the length of the program and the start date for the student and populate the Expected Grad Date field in the Student Entry/Admissions screen.

New Enrollments Report - This new report will be found on the Reports/Population Menu in Student Records. It prints students who enroll within a date range you select. Phone numbers are included on the printout.

Utilities Menu - This menu in Student Records now has an option to go to the Archive/Restore Menu. You will find the archive and restore programs on this new menu and no longer on the Utilities Menu.

Utilities Menu - A program has been added to rebuild student schedules. This might be necessary if a user inadvertently deletes academic records, which are the source records for student schedules.


90-10 Report - This report can now be run for multiple campuses. You will have totals for each school and a corporate grand total at the end of the report.

Statements - The student account card will print ** Collections ** if you enter an 'L' in the Legal Code field of the Student Information screen under Data Entry. The account card will print ** Delinquent ** if you enter a 'D' in the Delinquent Code field of this same entry screen.


Change Admin Rep - A new utility has been added to the Utilities menu to allow you to switch a code from one REP CODE to another REP CODE. You can run this utility for one prospect or a batch of prospects. The change will be made to Prospect Entry, Prospect Interviews, and the Student Entry/Admissions screen if the lead was moved over to Student Records.

Lead Analysis Report - This report now tracks whether a lead who went through the student life cycle was ever placed by the Career Services Department. You will find a new column on the report for that purpose.

Personnel File - A 'Comments' field has been added to this file so you can enter unlimited notes related to an individual you are tracking.


Unpaid Awards Report - The date range for which you ran the report will print in the header of the output.


Invoice Printing - When the book sales invoice prints, you can now have more than one copy print. A setup option has been added for number of copies to print. This option will be found in the Set-Up Options on the Book Sales Menu.

Book Reports - The reports have been moved to a separate menu. Once at the initial Book Sales menu, you will see a choice now for Reports. Making that choice will move you to the new Reports menu for Book Sales.

Book Slips - This new report prints one page per student showing which books they purchased for the term and the associated prices. A statement is printed on the form, which indicates that the student received the books. The one-page printout will fit in a windowed envelope.